Alton Bookend Demo

This demo of alton shows the bookend functionality (an alternate, out-of-the-box layout you can use), which lets you set both intro & outro sections prior to the full-screen presentation is triggered.

Hi. I'm Alton. Let's be Friends.

I'm a nifty jquery plugin for full page scrolling presentations. Use me on your web projects!

100% Full-Screen Scrolling.

Make your web experience an impactful one with full-screen scrolling. Alton is great for presenting: galleries of work: features & benefits of software or services; or really anything else you can put your mind to.

Multiple Options Out Of The Box.

You can apply Alton to all parent containers, as we’ve done here. Plus, you can choose to only apply it to the hero section using HeroScroll, or use a nifty feature we built in called Bookend to allow for independent starting & finishing containers. Plus, the whole plugin is easy to implement, lightweight, and has fallbacks for mobile.